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Long time ago…

It’s a long time since I wrote my last blog entry. I haven’t much time for drawing lately and not many drawings I finished the last couple of month. So I’ll add some newer pictures I made in the near future. Maybe I’m able to write more again in the future.

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Exhibition June 2011

Want to show you some pictures of the small exhibition back in June.

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Facebook Fan Page and sketches

Marion Borchert – witchi1976′s Art I created a Fan Page some time ago, so if you like my art it would be nice if you add to your favourites. I’ll start to create some freeehand sketches. There’s a little challange at deviantArt and I decided to join. I need some more practice with free hand [...]

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Fan Site on Facebook

I created a fan site on Facebook today. So if you want to become a fan there, feel free to click the link. Marion Borchert – witchi1976′s Art on Facebook

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This is the article to my exhibition at January, 26 Only in German, sorry. Falls jemand in der Nähe wohnt und Zeit und Lust hat zu kommen, ist herzlich eingeladen.

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I created a Livestream account some time ago and now finally my web cam works with Windows7 *yeah* So if you’re interest to see me live drawing or records of my live drawing (you just have to click on “on-demand”) you have to go on my livestream account. http://www.livestream.com/witchi1976

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A new drawing, this time I use a reference of a doll. Don’t know if I like this drawing or not. 24×33 cm Fabriano Disegno No.4 paper mechanical pencils and eraser color pencils white gel pen The first picture I draw like this one is “Sadness” Reference by

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Add new art

Okay, long time ago since I add some new art. So it’s time to add all the new work.

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It works again

After some server problems and a provider change the blog is online again! Yeah! I’ll add all new WIP’s and drawings during the next couple of days.

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Winners by Gabby’s eye contest

1st Place by This is such a beautiful piece. The green color is amazing and the eye is simply stunning! 2nd Place by This drawing just seems to sparkle. It?s absolutely beautiful! 3rd Place by This drawing is so lovely! It?s such a beautiful drawing. 4th Place by This digital painting has so much life. [...]

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