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I know the title is as lame as the picture itself. I hadn’t any ideas for a title so it was the first it came into my mind. Don’t know if I like it. I made it with watercolor and sketch it before with pencil, I liked the pencil sketch more than colored. 24×32 cm [...]

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Feel free

I want to try something different and I thought about almost one day what I can do and what I do. So I tried how it would look like in my sketchbook and this is the result of the sketch. I’m not sure if I like it or not. What do you think? Thanks for [...]

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Fractal feathered eye

I downloaded the demo version of fractalius filter yesterday and played around a little with the photo of my drawing. Than I delete the “demo” watermark and colored it. Just for fun and I like the result. What do you think? This is my original drawing:

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Black Cat II

A digital drawing after a long time! The first time I test my Wacom Inutos 4 and I love it more and more. A lot of fun to work with much more than with the bamboo. I found this reference some time ago at shedreamsindigital.net and must draw it. This is my second black cat [...]

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Teddy’s mommy

This time something totally different as I usual do. But I find the photo and liked it so much that I had to draw it. Photo reference is copyrighted by Ellen van Deelen Fabriano drawing paper 24 x 33 cm Koh-I-Noor Progresso colored pencils pastel pencils eraser

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Young man and beautiful woman

I finished the second commission drawing two days ago. The client like the drawings a lot, so I hope she like it even more when she hold it in her hands, cause the photo of the drawings looks odd. A3 Boesner drawing paper mechanical pencils eraser His sister: This is a new commission, this one [...]

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