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Taylor Lautner Collaboration

Geposted am Mittwoch 19 Mai 2010

This is a detailed sketch of Taylor Lautner.

It’s a collaboration with Mandy :iconhedspace77: she will color this sketch and I look forward to see how it turn out.

A4 Canson Paper
mechnical pencils

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witchi @ 07:08
Filed under: Pencil drawing andTwilight Fan Art

2 Kommentare für 'Taylor Lautner Collaboration'

    Megan K
    7. August 2010 | 15:36

    this is an amazing drawing but i think the hair should be shaded more just because it doesn’t look like his hair, it seems too blonde. Otherwise, great picture!

    7. August 2010 | 22:28

    This is just a sketch. Mandy has colored it, I’ll post it later how it looks finished.

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